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Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation
Resource PlanningResource Planning


The Resource Planning Division continued its roles in ensuring the supply of raw materials, and human capital is sustainably available and well managed for the industry.

In the effort to ensure the supply of our raw materials are sustainable and readily available, STIDC continued to monitor the execution of various policies under this aspect. This includes stringently monitoring the implementation of the Log Quota Policy, Ramin Export Quota, Log Import Quota, the status of STIDC timber concession licenses, the progress of STIDC’s planted forests, the issuance of “Sustainable Forest Management & Legality Statement”, the monitoring of Safety and Health Activity in Timber and Logging Industry; and even involved in environmental issues as well.

In addition to this, the division is also responsible to establish and carry out matrix for manpower in the timber industry primarily in terms of managing the number of foreign workers in the State. This significant roles are necessary as routine contributes to the State Technical Committee of Foreign Workers regarding the suitable numbers of foreign workers or expatriate should be allow to be given working permit.



1. Resource Planning
  a) To process the application of Ramin Export Quota. [Click Here]
2. Man Power
  a) To process the application of Foreign General Worker Labour for timber industry activities.
  b) To process the application of Foreign Expatriate for timber industry activities.