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Forest Plantation

Survey and Mensuration training on Assessment of Forest Plantation Stand Development 

Preparing of Acacia seeds




The Forest Plantation Resource Section was established in 16 May 2007 to carry out activities regarding the establishment, development, and monitoring of forest plantation in Sarawak.

The Section´ functions are ;

  • To assist STIDC in the promotion of forest plantation establishment as an alternative for raw material supply for the wood processing industries.
  • To monitor as well as to provide relevant inputs into the development progress of STIDC related forest plantation.
  • To prepare detailed Policy Working Paper on various affecting factors which include incentives, labour, guidance and technical advices toward the forest plantation industry.
  • To carry out data collect on forest plantation planted species selection, suitability of plantable areas, forest planted areas etc.
  • To conduct Forest Plantation Establishment Awareness Campaign in areas involve with forest plantation projects as to expedite its implementation.

Among the Forest Plantation activities carried out include;

  • Conducting research and developmnent on Forest Plantation Financial Modal to assist the development of alternative timber resource for Sarawak in the future. Eg,:
    1. “Rubber Forest Plantation Financial Model on Sarawak Soil” - done
    2. “Economic Viability Study of Acacia mangium spp for Forest plantation under ITP Concept”. (a long term project started in February 2006)- still in progress.

  • Coordinating dialogues and meetings on forest plantation establishment planning, which include;
    1. "Memorandum of Understanding for Forest Plantation Establishment”
    2. Coordination and Supervision of Forest Plantation establishment processes especially in Native Customary Rights / Native Customary Lands. Eg,: The establishment of PUSAKA-KTS Forest Plantation in Long Wat, Miri.
    3. “Memorandum of Understanding for Collaborative Research on Forest Plantation” (a research on Economic Viability of Planted Forest Project)

Forest plantation data collection An overview of a 1-year old Acacia stand

Preparation of planting stock through stem cuttings
A general view of young forest stand under growth

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