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STIDC Bamboo Project


Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) was directed by the State government to spearhead the development of bamboo industry in year 2016.
Since year 2016, STIDC has introduced bamboo as an alternative source of raw materials for timber.

It was based on the potential of bamboo as a raw material for the construction, manufacture industries, food industry, and for environmental conservation.

STIDC has developed the Sarawak Bamboo Industry Development Masterplan and approved by the STIDC's Board of Directors in April 2019. The Sarawak Bamboo Industry Development Steering Committee (SaBID) and the Sarawak Bamboo Industry Development Technical Committee (SaBIDTeC) had been established in November 2019.

Sabal Bamboo Pilot Project


The approach towards the Project development area strategically categorised into three facets, as follows:

  1. Development of Bamboo Nursery and Trial Plot
  2. Development of Bambusetum
  3. Promotion of bamboo eco-tourism


  • to ensure consistent supply of quality bamboo.
  • to develop a model for future bamboo plantation which is technically and commercially viable.
  • to lead the locals into better silviculture management.
  • to explore greater business potential of bamboo industry in Sarawak in the future.

Bamboo Nursery


Bamboo Trial Plots

  • It is currently conducted at Block 8406B, Sabal Forest Reserve with an area of 25 hectares comprising 29 plots.
  • A total of 10,000 bamboo seedlings from 13 species being planted since December 2018.



General Manager's visit on 11th January 2018

Permanent Secretary (MUDeNR) and Director of Forest Visit to STIDC Bamboo Trial Plot on 12 March 2019

YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak’s visit on 15th June 2019

Visit from Felcra Berhad, Ministry of Economic Affair and District Office of Pangkalan Hulu, Perak on 3rd March 2020


Contact Person

Hj. Hamzah Hj Morshidi
Assistant General Manager
Resource Planning Division
Telephone : 082-473000
: 082-442691


Dr. Jong Lip Khiong

Bamboo Project Manager

Telephone : 082-473000
: 082-442691


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