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This logo was officially launched on 7 May 1993 during the Corporation´s 20th Anniversary.

This logo was designed to reflect the aspirations, functions and objectives of PUSAKA as well as its corporate vision. Its circular shape signifies PUSAKA as the leader and catalyst for the timber industry.

The green letter "P" depicts the abbreviated name of the Corporation in Bahasa Melayu PUSAKA that bears the meaning of the forest as a heritage and invaluable resource of the people of Sarawak.

The brown colour symbolises wood as a raw material for the timber industry. The letter "S" is an abbreviation of the name of the Corporation - STIDC in English.

The golden colour depicts the leadership role played by PUSAKA in the development of the timber industry.

The combination of colours reflects the efforts of PUSAKA in stimulating the growth of the timber industry towards a more dynamic and progressive era as far as the downstream processing sector is concerned.


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