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STIDC Partners with G-COVE and Sichuan Vanov to Unlock Sarawak's Pulp Potential
Posted on : 09 Jun 2024

Saturday, 8th. June 2024
G-COVE and Sichuan Vanov New Material Co Ltd, along with STIDC, recently ventured into Tanjung Manis to uncover the hidden treasure of bamboo cultivation in the area.
Guided by Haji Zainal Abidin Bin Haji Abdullah, the General Manager of STIDC, the visit aimed to assess the viability of using various bamboo species of Sarawak for producing high-quality pulp.
During the visit, Mr. Shen Gen Lian, President of Sichuan Vanov New Material Co Ltd, expressed optimism about the potential of Sarawak's bamboo varieties as excellent raw materials for pulp production.
With this in mind, STIDC, teaming up with G-COVE and Sichuan Vanov New Material Co Ltd, declared their plans to conduct an in-depth study to identify the most suitable bamboo species for pulp manufacturing.
Highlighting the significance of this initiative, Haji Zainal emphasized STIDC's commitment to promoting bamboo cultivation and nurturing downstream bamboo-based industries across Sarawak. This strategic move aligns with the efforts to diversify economic landscape.
Bamboo is crucial in achieving Global Agenda Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. Its eco-friendly, sustainable nature makes it a prime alternative to traditional materials like plastic and wood. Moreover, it supports the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030 (PCDS) vision, focusing on inclusivity, sustainability, and economic prosperity. Ultimately, it contributes to the goal of creating a 'Sarawak Maju Makmur' or a 'Prosperous Sarawak'.
In addition to exploring bamboo cultivation, the delegation also visited a wood processing factory and toured the industrial precinct of Tanjung Manis to find ways to boost the economy in the area.
Furthermore, they made a significant stop at the STIDC bamboo trial plot at Sabal, to see for themselves the ongoing research and development efforts in bamboo cultivation and its potential impact on Sarawak's economic growth.

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