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The Official Website of
Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation
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In compliance with the Timber Grading Regulations, 2008 all sawn timber to be exported from Sarawak must be graded by registered competent Timber Graders.

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) is the Grading Authority for Sarawak to issue grading certificates for all sawn timber graded under the Malaysian Grading Rules for Sawn Hardwood Timber.

In February 2021, STIDC proudly launched STIDC Timber Industry Information System (STIS) in order to make transformation in the organization align to support the government’s call for innovation, creativity, efficiency and integrity. This system enables the Timber Industry to submit the application for grading certificate online.


STIDC is committed to its client charter which is:

To process and issue The Grading Certificate within five (5) working days.

1.1 The Benefits of STIS System
  1) Improves effectiveness & efficiencies.
  2) Minimizes processing & approval time.
  3) Increases usability & transparency.
  4) Online Application & Payment
1.2 Mandatory Requirements
  1) Register with STIDC through Registration Section as an Exporter (for first user) of sawn timber as required by the Sarawak Timber Industry (Registration) Regulations, 2008.
  2) Request for STIS username and password from the Quality Control Section.


Contact Person Details:-

Mr. Ahmad Nazari bin Sabki

Quality Control Manager

: 082-473000
Fax : 082-442691