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Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation
General Information and ProceduresGeneral Information and Procedures


STIDC is one of the members in the State Localisation Committee for the AP (Approval in Principle) approval of the Expatriate and Other Non-Resident Employees working in the timber industry.

The company who wish to employ foreign workers require to apply through STIDC by submitting relevant documents. STIDC will issue letter of recommendation to support the application or otherwise for the State Localisation Committee for consideration.

Documents required for Applying  Ekspatriate:-

  1. Form BK-PUSAKA-TK-PD02
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of Work Permit (for extension application only)
  4. Copy of valid Offer Letter
  5. Resume/CV
  6. Copy of Income Tax Statement (for extension application only)
  7. Copy of Company Registration Certificate with STIDC (except for Forest Plantation  & Logging activities)
  8. Copy of valid certificate from Company Commission of Malaysia  (applicable for shareholder)
However supporting documents as follows are also accepted :-
  1. Copy of vacancy advertisement
  2. Copy of valid Trade Licence
  3. Form MP004 (BK-PUSAKA-PS-TK-02) or MP005 (BK-PUSAKA-PS-TK-03)
  4. Cover Letter to Immigration Department of Malaysia
  5. 3 Months salary statements
  6. Copy of Acadermic Certificate
  7. Form DP10/IMM55

Documents for Applying Non Resident Workers :-

A - Application Form for Non Resident Workers
  • BK-PUSAKA-TK-PA02 : Wood Processing Mill
  • BK-PUSAKA-TK-PA03 : Forest Plantation
  • BK-PUSAKA-TK-PA04 : Furniture
  • BK-PUSAKA-TK-PA05 : Logging
B - Copy of valid Company Registration Certificate with STIDC or Company’s Profile from STIDC Registration Division (except for Forest Plantation  & Logging activities)
C - Form MP004 (BK-PUSAKA-PS-TK-02) / MP005 (BK-PUSAKA-PS-TK-03)
D - Invoice/Receipt from supplier (except for Forest Plantation  & Logging activities)
E - Copy of valid mill licence/Licence Planted Forest/ Timber Licence
F - Copy of valid Tenancy Agreement  (If applicable)

Contact Person Details:-

Puan Mariana Seri
Manpower Section Executive Officer
Resource Planning Division
Telephone : 082-473000
Fax : 082-449184