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Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation
Pool of Young Designers (POYOD)Pool of Young Designers (POYOD)


  • POYOD developed by STIDC in collaboration with UNIMAS under Kursi PUSAKA established in 2016;
  • 2-Years training program for fresh graduate (Industrial Design from UNIMAS;
  1. 1st Year Industrial Attachment with local industry players (furniture manufacturers);
  2. 2nd Year Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. (Collaboration with ITB for refined & advanced training furniture design)
  • Selection through student participation in STIDC-UNIMAS Furniture Design Competition and process of assessment;
  • Focuses on furniture designs and in long run will include other sector.
  • Industry Structure: 
  1. 98% of export comes from primary & secondary products and only 2% comes from value add products such furniture; 
  2. STIDC’s long term Strategic Plan/Timber Industry Blueprint (2015-2030) to transform industry to 40:60% by 2030;
  • A Timber Industry Transformation Plan to achieve RM6 billion export of value added products by 2030;



  • To increase employability and marketability of the young designers in the timber industry;
  • To make readily available designers in the furniture industry;
  • To produce 100 young designers by 2030;
  • To produce furniture designs for commercialization and export;
  • To support STIDC’s Timber Industry Transformation Plan in facilitating the development of the value add industry especially furniture in the State;
  • In long term, as enabler /driving agent to spur sustainable growth of furniture industry in Sarawak
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