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Sarawak Young Designers (SayD'SignerSarawak)


  • SayD'SignerSarawak is developed by STIDC in collaboration with UNIMAS established under Kursi PUSAKA in UNIMAS to support STIDC vision to transform the Sarawak Timber Industry to high value added industry by 2030;
  • 2-Years training program for fresh graduate Industrial Design from UNIMAS;
  1. 1st Year Industrial attachment with local industry players (furniture manufacturers);
  2. 2nd Year Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. (Collaboration with ITB for refined & advanced training furniture design)
  • Selection through student participation in STIDC-UNIMAS Furniture Design Yearly Competition and process of assessment;
  • Focuses on furniture designs and in long run will include other sector.
  • Industry Structure: 
  1. 98% of export comes from primary & secondary products and only 2% comes from value add products such furniture; 
  2. STIDC’s long term Strategic Plan/Timber Industry Blueprint (2015-2030) to transform industry to 40:60% by 2030;
  • A Timber Industry Transformation Plan to achieve RM6 billion export of value added products by 2030;



  • To increase employability and marketability of the young designers in the timber industry;
  • To make readily available designers in the furniture industry;
  • To produce 100 young designers by 2030;
  • To produce furniture designs for commercialization and export;
  • To support STIDC’s Timber Industry Transformation Plan in facilitating the development of the value add industry especially furniture in the State;
  • In long term, as enabler / driving agent to spur sustainable growth of furniture industry in Sarawak


SayDesign Milan 2020:

SayDesign Milan 2020


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